by Pipe Villaran

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Bartosz Fantastic album! The sound and the voice remind me on the mid 90's. I know it's not possible but many songs sound so familiar to me that's really spooky. I hope to get more of this stuff in the near future because it's a pleasure to listen to your music. Favorite track: Curtain Call.
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Hopefully this is the start of a new phase...


released October 6, 2014

Produced by Kieran Kelly. The Buddy Project Studios, Queens-NYC
Additional Production: Rafael de la Lama, Aldaba Estudios, Lima-Perú



all rights reserved


Pipe Villaran Lima, Peru

Peruvian Singer/Songwriter. Formerly with Los Fuckin Sombreros and Gx3. Now on his own....lives in Lima.

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Track Name: Sol
te recuerdo una tarde amarilla
el cielo viene y va, lo miramos de la orilla
siempre viene y va
que recuerdas como todo era al comienzo
extraño amanecer, se deshace el universo
siempre fuiste igual

Hey mama, no hay drama si no nos quieren escuchar
siempre nos trataron mal
y hoy no me quiero complicar
Sol, dónde estás?
qué fué de tí...
Track Name: Little Breezy
Young enough to know
old enough to show
lay me down so low
little breezy

Walking through the park
singing after dark
looking at the stars
it´s so easy

She don´t know, and she don´t care

drinking all your wine
sinking through the tiles
oh so sleazy

And after all it seems
that you are what you dream
living in your scene
little breezy

She don´t know, and she don´t care
and she is alive

So rock me nice and slow
on the radio
and lay me down so low
little breezy
Track Name: Sinnerman
Hey man, sinnerman
always taking what you can
take it high, take it low
don´t let nobody know
Shoe-shine, let it slide
always thinking of an alibi
just trying to make ends meet

I´m on my way to nowhere, I´m on my way

Hey man, sinnerman
take your children by the hand
and then let them fall
as if you didn´t care
So I, I decide
that I will never justify
just trying to make ends meet

I´m on my way to nowhere, I´m on my way


We sail on through like a nova in the sky
These sad times weren´t made for you and I
A thousand lies that were spoken in your name
I should have stayed, should have stayed with friends
I should have known your kind

So I learned to lie, I should have stayed in the farm
just like, my father in his time
I should have stayed behind

Track Name: Melanie
Melanie, you´re such a lovely girl
when you cruise along, sing a song with a smile
Say to me that you no longer care
for them freaks in the hall
let yourself go for a while

And all them fairies they´ve let you down
men and worries are living under your crown
You´ve never been so lonely in your whole life
sitting on a cornfield in summertime
under those dreamy skies that belong to you and me
We´ll never set you free

Melanie, you´re such a silly girl
living inside your box, carry my cross on your side
C'est la vie, there´s nothing more to say
we´re just cruising along
singing your song with a smile
Track Name: Curtain Call
I’ve laid my cards on the table
I’ve spread my word across the floor
I haven’t got a name, I shouldn’t have been born
Way down in Mexico

But my heart just keeps on going
This is my curtain call

I’ve seen our man on the water
Some apple wine in summertime
Like cemetery bones, we lay side by side
Beyond them watchful eyes

But my legs they keep on walking
This is my curtain call

Will someone help me to carry this load?
I stand alone on the side of the road
Your sing-song owls in their white hollow farms
They keep me awake at night

But my head keeps on going
This is my curtain call
Track Name: Island On The Second Sun
Long ago and far away, island in the sun
Now I feel that my time has come
And time’s the only thing a blindman feels
It’s all too late
Finally I think I’m going in
Take anything you need if I survive
On the island on the second sun

So if you see me walking by, head up in the clouds
If I whisper when I’ve got to shout
I see the morning sun in your green eyes
It’s all in vain
Now I’m needing your salvation door
A silent early dawn for those who stay
On the island on the second sun
Track Name: Brilliant Disguise
A cry from the old part of town
You smile when there’s no one around
You try hard to hide all the pain
But your tears they keep falling like rain

And you feel so out of time
And you seem so out of place
Like the love you left behind
On some better day
In some better way

I’m coatless and terribly pale
When silver is turning to grey
An angel came down from the skies
But it was you in your brilliant disguise

But I feel so out of time
And I seem so out of place
Like the love we left behind
We just sit around and wait
For some better days
In some better way

Oh you silly girl, don’t you know what life is about?
We’ve been this way before, they chew you up and spit you right out
Oh you silly girl, don’t you know what life is about?
Track Name: Solo (Blues en Mi)
Todo por hoy y nada por siempre
ayudalos a ser lo que aprenden
a cambiar de piel, desaparecer
y quién soy yo para quejarme?

Los que dicen saber no saben nada
los que dicen tener yo ya se cómo acaban

"Adónde vas?" me dijo el creyente
"saber llegar" le dije, "eso es lo importante"
y cambiar de piel, desaparecer
y quién soy yo para quejarme?

Ya no hay color, no hay nada de nada
enterrador ayudame a desaparecer